Here’s a thing that’s bothering me. I think there is a common, hidden axiom in these beliefs:

  • Global warming is a hoax
  • The pandemic is a hoax
  • Covid-19 was made in a lab
  • Global warming may be real, but it’s just a “natural” cycle

These two issues have spawned various (untrue) theories, but what is common across many theories is an assumption if something important/impactful happens, it must have been intended.

“Global warming is a hoax” asserts that there is no actual crisis, but that there are people who want to convince others to change their behavior, so they posit…

I’m a big fan of Mission Workshop bags, but they are not perfect. (BTW, I’ve come to the conclusion after spending way too much money on way too many bags that The Perfect Bag does not exist.)

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Lately I’ve been carrying around my MW Sanction, which I made a “modification” to a while ago, but just today realized I could fix even better.

It’s a well know design bug/feature of MW bags that the pockets go all the way to the bottom. This is very commonly commented on in reviews of their bags. This leads to everything collecting at the…

I am not qualified to speak on the pain and suffering long endured in the U.S.A. that results from entrenched, systemic racism, but there are a couple of changes we need, we must, make.

  1. Equal education opportunities for all
  2. Police, before all else, must be public servants

Equal Education

The education system in our country is basically designed to perpetuate socioeconomic status from generation to generation. If you’re poor, you live in a poor neighborhood, and your children go to a poorly funded school. If you’re not poor, you live in a better neighborhood and your children go to better schools. …

I just got a Barrage backpack from chrome industries. I’ve looked at it many times, over the years, and never actually got one. I always like the look, the style, and the concept.

The biggest thing that held me back was the size. I always felt it was a tad too small to be my perfect, all purpose backpack. But I recently decided to go ahead and get one. Even if I don’t use it everyday, it’s still a very cool bag.

I’m writing this little post in the hopes that it will get in front of some chrome design…

Went to Mākaha to check out the scene. Sun was going down and people were enjoying the surf.

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Recently a draft proposal for additional syntax to aid error handling in the go programming language was published.

TLDR: The proposed syntax implicitly makes error exceptional, and the problem should be seen as a more general problem, not just error handling.

I want to first address the handle and ignore the check.

What’s the problem with this code:

Ignoring the subtle problems for now, the ugly problem is that we’re repeating 3 lines of code over and over. The “normal” way to refactor a bunch of common code lines is with a function.

Maybe something like this:


I was listening to “in search of reality”, a recent podcast of a discussion between Sam Harris and Sean Carrol. They were going back and forth about the is-ought problem (aka Hume’s law).

I’m probably missing something, or perhaps not quite understanding the argument, but from my POV there is a fundamental flaw in Sean’s position. He argues that ought is not derivable from is, and that it must needs be asserted as an axiom/assumption, rather than acknowledge that there are shoulds or should nots.

What puzzles me is that Sean asserts he is a naturalist, in the sense of…

Tricky java that should not be tricky, and how go is better :)

What is the problem with the following java method? (Medium’s code presentation sucks, so it’s a screenshot.) Here it is as a gist.

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I’m still collecting samples, but so far myself and 2 coworkers failed to see the problem. One coworker did spot the problem, but we were in there looking for it. I saw the problem as soon as he pointed it out. Reviewing the git blame/history of the code, I found that the error was introduced by the original author of the method. …

One common saying of the Go programming language is that there’s one way to do it. Of course that’s not strictly true, but generally, the language does not support a multiple ways to do a single thing. For instance, if you want to iterate a sequence, you’ll use a for loop.

An area of shock for most go newcomers is error handling. The idea of being forced to check errors and react after every single line of doing something is nearly repulsive when coming from languages that support try ... catch style exception handling.

For this article, I’ll show “the…

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